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Floating (also known as sensory deprivation or floatation therapy) is a practice in which you lay in water supersaturated with epsom salts allowing you to float effortlessly in a pod or room devoid of all light and sound.



If you're living in discomfort - from minor aches to chronic pain, floatation therapy helps take the pressure off the body. So you can feel relief and melt your stress away in complete weightlessness. 


If you have extended your body physically, Floating helps the healing process. So you can recover faster, improve your performance and be ready for the next day. 


If you're busy and your mind becomes cloudy, Floatation Therapy helps shut out the noise. So you can quiet your mind, boost your creativity and improve focus. 

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This was the most relaxing thing I have ever done. Like being in the womb. I am so excited to go back. Pure luxury spa feel.
— Krista B.
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Such a relaxing and rejuvenating experience! I slept so well the night after my float. I already booked another session!
— Elissa B.
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Incredible. Scott is incredibly friendly and makes you feel right at home. Everything is incredibly clean and safe. It was so incredibly relaxing, cathartic. I feel ready to take on any and all challenges after this.
— Nathan C.

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We're committed to helping veterans dealing with PTSD by joining the Weightless Warrior program. Email PTSD@FloatCenter.com or call 402-885-9371 for more info.