Thank You!

We look forward to hosting your upcoming float. If it's your first time or you have questions, please refer to our FAQ below to prepare and help you to optimize your floating experience.



before you float

+ How long is a float session?

Our float sessions are 90 minutes because we want you to have plenty of time to ease into the theta brain wave state and stay there long enough to maximize the benefits.

+ What do I bring?

We have everything you need for your showers (soap, shampoo, conditioner, towels, hair dryer, etc.). If you wear contacts, bring a contact case and solution so you can remove them while you float. We would advise bringing a hairbrush, deodorant, or anything else you typically use after a shower.

+ What do I wear?

You may float nude or in a swimsuit – whatever you are most comfortable with. You will be in a completely private suite with a private shower.

+ Can I shave before I float?

Avoid shaving your body or face for at least 12 hours before you float. Epsom salt might irritate any micro-abrasions from shaving.

+ Can I float with an abrasion or minor cut?

Minor abrasions can be covered with vaseline (which we provide) to help prevent irritation from the Epsom salt.

+ Can I float if I'm menstruating?

Yes, just take the same precautions while floating as you would if you were swimming.

+ Can I float if I'm pregnant?

Yes, pregnant women in all trimesters can enjoy the relaxation and physical relief of floating, but as a precaution please check with your physician.

+ Can I float if I just got a tattoo?

We'd recommend allowing at least one month after you have received a new tattoo to consider floating in order to protect your art.

+ Can I float if I just got my hair dyed?

Recently dyed hair may lose its new color if you float within that first week. Otherwise, your dyed hair should be okay in the salt water.

+ Can I float if I just got a perm or hair straightened?

There is a chance that this may effect your treatment. If you are unsure, please consult your hair stylist.

+ Can I drink caffeine before floating?

We would recommend avoiding caffeine the day you float, or for at least 6 hours before you float. Caffeine may overstimulate your mind.

+ Can I eat before floating?

Floating on an empty or full stomach may be distracting while floating. We'd recommend eating 1.5-2 hours before you float.

other questions that come up

+ How is the water cleaned?

The incredibly high salt content of the water prevents bacteria and other micro-organisms from surviving. In addition, we use a state-of-the-art filtration system to filter the water throughly and zap it with antimicrobial ultraviolet light 3 times after each use (most other float places only do this once). This is cleaner than any hot tub or swimming pool. On top of that, we use hydrogen peroxide and ozone (active oxygen known to chemists as O3), one of nature's basic elements. It is most commonly recognizable after thunderstorms by its sweet, fresh smell. Ozone is the safest, most effective water purifier available. It maintains water's soft, clean and crystal clear appearance, while adding no harmful chemicals. After ozone does its job, it quickly reverts to oxygen, creating an enriched oxygen and bacteria-free air supply at the Float Center.

+ Is it private?

Yes. Each float pod and float cabin is contained within an individual suite that you may lock behind you. Each suite has its own shower and is for your exclusive use for the duration of your session.

+ What if I'm claustrophobic?

We have made a significant investment for your comfort. We have three float cabins and one float pod. The float cabins have 7 foot high ceilings. And, as always at Float Center, you are in full control of your environment at all times, with in-tank lighting and sound controls at your fingertips.

+ What if I fall asleep in the float pod or float cabin?

Some find it so relaxing, they drift into a peaceful sleep. That is perfectly ok and safe. The salt water is so buoyant, you would have to consciously flip over.

+ Do I have to stay in the whole time?

No, you can enter and exit your float pod or float cabin as you like. You are in control. The float suite is yours for 90 minutes. If you need to use the restroom, there is a robe and slippers for a trip down the hall. Many people divide their float into two parts, sometimes with another shower or a stretch out of the water in the middle. When you are finished, head for the beverage station, or the transition room; you’ll know when it is time.

+ Do I get wrinkly from soaking for so long?

Just the opposite. Your skin becomes super-hydrated as water carries in the magnesium from the Epsom salt, a mineral deficient in most bodies.

+ What if I'm really tall?

Our pods and cabins are designed to fit anyone under 7' tall.

+ What if I can't swim?

No swimming required. You'll simply float on top of the water.

+ Is this life-changing?