1.5 hour floats
Our float sessions are 90 minutes because we want you to have plenty of time to ease into the theta brain wave state and stay there long enough to maximize the benefits.

individual float.....$89

1 hour floats

We also offer a shorter float option to better fit customer schedules and needs.


mini 60 minute float.....$65

first time floating?

Get a 3 pack of 90 minute float sessions to introduce you to the full benefits of floatation therapy. Save $68 with our pack and find your flow with floating.

Get the Intro 3 Float Pack.....$179

Bliss Membership.....$75 per month

Find your bliss with one 90 minute float session every month. Any additional floats are $75. Shareable and no commitment. Recommended for 1 - 3 floats per month.



Float Like A Boss Membership.....$259 per month

Find your float rhythm. For a flat fee, you can come anytime there is space on the schedule. Experiment with float lengths. Lose the cost/benefit analysis and come 2, 4, 7 days a week for a while to test it. For anyone who knows and loves the incredible benefits of floating and is looking to get the compounding effects that come with regular practice.

Recommended for floating 4 times or more per month. Month to month, no contract.

if you'd like to bring your friends and family with you on the same day, contact us for special group pricing: 402-739-8391 or